KASTAR 762 High Temperature RTV Neutral Silicone Gasket Maker

RTV, High-temperature resistant, Gasket maker, Neutral cure

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KASTAR762 is one component neutral RTV silicone sealant, specially design for sealing, bonding, and repairing works where heat resistance is needed. This product is neutral solidified, so it has more uses than acetic ones.


We are professional manufacturer
of adhesives and sealants


  • Neutral curing silicone gasket;
  • Weather resistance; anti-corrosion;
  • High and low temperature resistant from -60℃ and high 345℃ (650℉);
  • Strongly adhesive, long-lasting elasticity; room temperature hardening;
  • High filling capacity;
  • Resistant against fuels, oils, water, freeze, etc.
  • Easy to handle, no drops.
  • Because of its thixotropy and stagnation, it can be the substitution for various sealing gaskets, and machinery using the product is easily dismantled under repair.


The product can be used for sealing of coverjoint of automobile, motorcycle, and all kinds of hydraulic machinery, water pump, oil pump, hydraulic pump and air compressor etc.

Packaging info

280ml, 300ml, and 310ml packed by plastic cartridge, 24 cartridges in a carton;
85 grams (80ml) per tube, 12 tubes in a box, 12 boxes in a master carton.
Bulk raw materials are packed by drum 200 kgs per drum.

Technical information

Density(g/cm3) 1.30
Capacity movement±30%
Skin formation20 minutes
Curing Rate (2mm/h)20
Extrusion Rate150±25 gr/min
Max. Tensile strength3.5 Mpa
Hardness shore A30±2
Elongation at Break(%)≥250
Application temperature-20℃ to 40℃
High-temperature resistance345℃
Low-temperature resistance-60℃

Skin drying time and full drying time under 23C and 50% humidity