KASTAR 730 Acetoxy Silicone Sealant for General Purpose

General purpose, Aceticure, Anti fungus

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Kastar730 is one component, acetic silicone for general use. It cures when exposed to moisture and forms good and durable seal. It is universal silicone which seals and bonds with good adhesion to many building materials.


We are professional manufacturer
of adhesives and sealants


– Waterproof and weatherproof
– Fast dry
– High adhesion and performance


* Gap flling around door and window frame.
* Bonding and sealing of building and construction joints.
* Adhesion to glass, window, door frame, aluminum alloy,
* Adhesion to glass, window, door frame, aluminum alloy, plastic, tile ceramic, etc.
* Good sealing performance for glass, glass fiber, pottery & porcelain, and greaseless material.


* Clean the base material with cloth: clean it with solvent; if in particular demand, coat the surface with paint base and let it dry completely.
* Make sure to fill the interface with it and tightly stick it to the base material.
* Deal with adhesion test before use and make sure good compatibility and viscosity of products and base material

Emergent Treatment

Keep out of reach of children. Once it contacts the skin or eye by accident, rinse the affected part with water for 15 minutes or turn to the doctor for help immediately


Keep in a dry place; don’t unseal it before use; keep a storage temperature below 25℃ to prolong its service life; 12 months guarantee.

Packing Specification

245ml / 280ml / 300ml / 310ml(net capacity) hard package (the actual weight is subject to final products); 30ml, 60ml, 90ml, 100ml with blister card;

Capacity movement±30%
Skin formation5-15 minutes
Curing Rate (2mm/h)10-12
Max. Tensile strength1.3
Hardness shore A20±2
Elongation at Break(%)≥450
Modulus Mpa(100%)0.55
Application temperature-20℃ to +40℃
Temperature resistance-50℃ to +100℃
Cold-hot adhesiveOK
Under water adhesiveOK
Elastical Recovery (%)96
Mass-loss Rate (%)40

Skin drying time and fully drying time under: 23C and 50% humidity

Service Restriction

The product is not applicable to structure assembly or project whose base material has a surface temperature above 40℃.