KASTAR 285 Super Quality Liquid Nail

Solvent based, able to bond mirror.

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Free nail glue is a one-component adhesive, with strong adhesion, to the greatest extent instead of nails. Fixed and bonded wood, gypsum board, medium-density fiberboard, stone, cement, tile, metal, plastic, rubber, and other materials.


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Technical datas

IngredientSynthetic rubber
Specific gravity1.3g/ml
Solid content75%
Viscosity300,000 Pa.s
Superior adhesion30-40kg/m²
Adapted temperature-30°C -+ 100°C
Application temperature-20°C -+ 40°C
Completely cured time12-24 hours


1)Superior adhesion, high bonding strength;

2)Flexible, not brittle, will not shrink adherend movement affect the adhesion;

3)Versatile, and able to bond to the vast majority of the substrate, the adhesive may even wet;

4)Will not sag, can caulk, paint can dry;

5)Good weather resistance, waterproof;

6)Toxic tasteless non-polluting, non-hazardous substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, etc., in line with GB18583 standards.


1)Clean the surface of the construction to ensure that no oil and grime;

2)Cutting nozzle,put the plastic nozzle,extrusion sealing gun;

3)Paste method as illustrated.


1)Before the user must carefully read the product instructions for proper use.Adverse consequences caused by improper use, conceited by the user.

2)Free nail glue is not solidified, the available turpentine is clear; dry scraping or grinding can be exposed except for stains.

3)This product can be used in conjunction with the auxiliary set when the floor; is at high temperatures can weaken adhesion (to avoid long-term exposure to the sunshine bonding metal)

4)Maintain good ventilation in the workplace, construction workers should wear overalls, wearing goggles, masks, and rubber gloves; long-term storage, the product should be stored in a cool dry place to ensure that product performance is not affected.

5)Do not let children; not imported, eye, as this happens, rinse immediately with water, or seek medical advice.

6) Users’ volume use, first passing the test, and then using the bulk. Users in the course of inquiries, please do not hesitate to this formula for marketing consulting



Shelf life

12 months