KASTAR 281 Acrylic Liquid Nail Solvent-free

Water based, Acrylic construction adhesive (Solvent free)

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Kastar 281 liquid nail is formulated with a strong initial grab which makes it ideal for installing wall paneling, flooring, stirring boards, and architraves. Kater liquid nail has no fumes and can be cleaned up with water.


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Technical Data

Tack free time (min)20
Volume Change20%
Shrinkage (mm)≦2
Storage life12 months unopened
Extrudability, ml/min380
Full cureAfter 24 hours depending on conditions
Service temperature-5℃ to 90℃

Recommended uses

  1. Bonding particleboard, plywood, fiber cement, and strip flooring to joists
  2. Fibre cement sheet, plasterboard, and wall paneling to wooden and metal studs skirting boards, architraves, and trims to walls
  3. Replacing loose tiles on walls (not recommended for floor tiles)
  4. Suitable for sizing polystyrene wall panels
  5. Timber and other porous construction materials.

Substrates: wood; particleboard; MDF; concrete; cement sheet; gypsum board; cement render; polyurethane foam; expanded polystyrene plywood.

Compliance: Kastar 281 liquid nail has been formulated to comply with the requirements of AS2329-1980 “Mastic Adhesives for Fixing Wallboards”.


  • Versatile – multiple uses
  • Fast initial grab – minimizes slippage on vertical surfaces.
  • Easy clean up – use water, water-based
  • Flows easily at all temperatures
  • High bond strength and heat resistance when cured(service temperature up to 90℃)
  • High bond strength – exceeds AS2329, mastic adhesives for fixing wallboards.
  • Strong adhesion to metal – when another surface is porous.
  • Bridges gaps up to 9 mm – effective when used on uneven surfaces
  • Paintable with water-based surface coatings
  • Reduces squeaking associated with nail ride-in floors
  • Can be repositioned for up to 60 minutes after application
  • Reduces the number of mechanical fasteners required to install floors or walls

Service temperature

Kastar 281 liquid nail will maintain a bond in situations where the temperature is between -5℃ and 90℃.


420g cartridge will give 15 linear meters of a 5mm bead.

Approximate coverage when trowelled out

2.5mm trowel1.00m2/kg approx.
3.0mm0.86g approx.
4.0mm0.43g approx.

Pack sizes

  • 280ml / 300ml / 310ml(net capacity) hard package (the actual weight is subject to final products); 80ml with blister card;
  • 330kgs by drum;
  • On buyer’s requested.