KASTAR 3080 High Viscosity Silane Modified Polymer Adhesive

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KASTAR-3080 is a polymer of polyether sealed by trimethyl silane, high activity, medium and high modulus, made by it as a basic polymer sealant and adhesive with excellent adhesion, weather resistance, non-toxic, harmless, no fluorate, safety and environmental protection, and has good coating.


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Product Purpose

Preparation of Medium and high mold building sealant
Preparation of transportation industry sealant
Preparation of industrial sealant
Preparation of product assembly sealant

Product Advantages

  • No isofluoric acid radical
  • No solvent, no odor, chemical solvent resistance
  • Medium and low modulus
  • High elongation
  • Easy operation
  • Excellent storage stability

Typical Features

Sealing and Type: Trimethoxy
Appearance: Colorless transparent viscous liquid
Viscosity, 25℃, Mpa.s, approximately: 60000-80000
Volatile fraction, % less than 1
The flash point, ° C, is greater than 250
Density, g/cm3 approximately: 1.002

SequenceName of MaterialProportional Range%
3Color Paste1-4
4UV Stabilizers0.4-1
5Padding 110-30
6Padding 220-40
7Thixotropic Agent1.5-4
8Additive OF0.5-1.5
9Bond Accelerator0.5-1.5


The KASTAR-3080 Polymers dissolve quickly in standard organic solutions but are almost insoluble in water. Although KASTAR-3080 contains active genes, it can be stably stored in air for several days without catalyst, but special attention should be paid to the presence of water during storage and processing. KASTAR-3080 can be used in accordance with the traditional mixing process. In order to achieve different properties, it can be blended with other polymers. In order to make the product stable during processing or storage, a certain amount of chemical dehydrating agent must be added. We recommend the use of vinyl trimethoxysilane.

Storage and Expiration date

Stored in the original sealer at 5 ° C to 30 ° C, KASTAR-3080 has a standard life of 6 months from production date. Please refer to the storage advice and expiry date on the package. Beyond this date, Kater silicone no longer guarantees that the product meets the sales targets.

Packing Specification

200 L / Iron Drum
Net Weight:200KG