KASTAR 286 Fire resistant Intumescent Firestop Acrylic Sealant

Excellent fire resistance, able to prevent burning

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Kastar 286 is a grey fire retardant acrylic mastic. Tested on various widths of joints giving 1-4 hours of fire resistance. Used for perimeter pointing and sealing of fire-rated structures etc. Joint movement capability of + or – 25%. kastar286 Intumescent sealant is a white sealant for indoor joints where a fire retardant seal is required to prevent the passage of fire and smoke. Joint movement capability of + or – 12.5%.


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Features & Benefits

  • Paintable
  • Silicone-free
  • Seals small openings quickly
  • Easy to clean with water
  • Fast, simple application and clean-up
  • Fire Resistant for up to 4 hours

Application Areas

Designed to make installation quicker and easier Tested for fire stopping of single cables, cable bundles, and conduits Smoke-tight sealant Can be applied to concrete, masonry, or gypsum Acoustically tested according to ISO 10140 Applications Single cables and cable bundles Conduits.

Properties Product

Product TypeVolumePackage
Grey (Sausage)600ml20
BasisAcrylic Dispersion
ConsistencySmooth paste
Specific gravity1,60 ± 0,03 gr/cm3(ASTM D 792)
Tack-Free time15-30 min (23 °C and 50%R.H)(ASTM C 679-03)
Curing Rate (mm/day)Min.2 mm/day (23 °C and 50% R.H)
Shore A hardness40 ± 5 Shore A
Elongation> 100%(ASTM D 412)
Tensile strength≥ 0,4 N/mm2(ASTM D 412)
Application Temperature+5 °C to +40 °C
Volume shrinkage10%-15%(ASTM D 412)
Intumescent Rate5 to 6 tims

Consumption (approx.)

Application Width5mm10mm15 mm20 mm25 mm
Application Depth3mm5mm8 mm10 mm12 mm
Efficiency/300 ml20 meters6 meters2,5 meters1.50 meters1 meters


Damp or humid conditions will significantly extend the cure time.

Do not apply below 5°C

Storage and shelf life

The shelf life is 12 months if stored in unopened-original package in a dry place at temperatures between+5°C and +25°C

Safety & Disposal

Bears no imminent risk to health. Check MSDS guidelines for disposal and further information concerning safety