KASTAR 112 Multi purpose PU Sealant

Multi-purpose, PU-based sealant

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KASTAR 112 is one component high quality multi-purpose polyurethane sealant, it cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to form a durable and weathering-resistant elastomer, Kastar 112 Multi-purpose PU Sealant is manufactured in accordance with the ISOITS 16949:2002 which is designed for direct-glazing applications with mineral glass-based windows in the Transportation and repair markets.


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Technology datasheet

Testing ItemsPerformance
AppearanceBlack homogeneous paste
Density (g/cm³)1.36
Sagging properties (mm)0
Shore a hardness (A°)60
Tack free time (min)35
Tensile strength( Mpa)6.5
Elongation at break (%)450
Volatile content (%)≤4
Tensile-shear strength (MPa)≥3.5
Touch Dry time (min)10~30
Curing speed (mm/d)3.2
Non-volatile contents (%)99
Tear strength10
Extrudability (ml/min)75
Operating Temperature-40 to 90 degrees C
Pollution Non
Application temperature (ºC)+5~+35
  1. All data above were tested under standardized conditions.
  2. All data listed in the chart were for the generalized item in the series; please refer to the related datasheet for special items.
  3. Storage condition has a direct impact on the product’s shelf life, Please refer to the instruction for special items’ storing.


  • One-component formulation, excellent smooth appearance.
  • Safe Drive Away Time in as little as two hours when used on vehicles with airbag.
  • Modest Hardness and high tensile strength after curing .
  • Flexible, durable and excellent extrudability.
  • Need no primer to glass
  • No sagging, no pollution and corrosion to base material and environment.
  • Excellent sealing and adhesion performance, excellent water and aging resistance.


  • Sealing and bonding on production lines.
  • Bonding and sealing of roof, floor, and body panel.
  • Repairing works such as auto engines, trains, trucks, cool storage, containers, etc.
  • Maintenance and sealing for automobile body and window etc.


Clean and dry all surfaces by removing foreign matter and contaminants such as oil dust, grease, frost, water, dirt, old sealants and any protective coating. Dust and loose particles should be cleaned.


310ml cartridge, 20 pcs/carton
600ml/400ml sausage, 20 pcs/carton


Minimum application temperature: 5℃.

Kastar112 should be dispensed from either the cartridge or sausage by means of a caulking gun. Pierce the membrane at the top of the cartridge and screw on the nozzle. Cut the nozzle to give the required angle and bead size. Place the cartridge in an applicator gun and squeeze the trigger. For sausages, a barrel gun is required, clip the end of the sausage and place it in the barrel gun. Screw the end cap and nozzle on to barrel gun. Using the trigger extrude the sealant, to stop depression using the catch plate. Apply Kastar 112 in a continuous bead using enough pressure to properly apply the sealant.


  • For common occasions, after cleaning out the surface with the organic solvent, this product can be used directly.
  • Please construct by application instructions strictly, failure of stickiness may be caused by any operation disobeying construction techniques.
  • This product is innocuous after curing completely, but before set, please avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of eye and skin contact, wash immediately and thoroughly with soap and water. See doctor immediately if it is serious.


Activators and/or primers is not required.